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  • Getting Started
    1. Account Login and Overview
    2. Setting Up Your Mailing lists
    3. Integrating With Your Website
    4. Importing Email Addresses
    5. Sending Your First Campaign
  • Advanced List Functions
    1. List Settings
    2. Custom Fields
    3. Auto Responders
    4. List Segmentation
    5. MySQL Database Sync
    6. Subscription Behaviors
    7. Subscription Forms
    8. Website Integration
    9. Suppression Lists
  • Advanced Subscriber Management
    1. Add Subscribers Copy/Paste
    2. Add Subscribers File Upload
    3. Add Subscribers MySQL
    4. Browse Subscribers
    5. Delete Subscribers
    6. Export Subscribers
  • Advanced Campaign Management
    1. Creating New Campaigns
      1. Using HTML Code
      2. Template Gallery
      3. Previous Campaigns
      4. Using a Web URL
    2. Google Analytics
    3. Using A/B split testing
    4. Campaign Attachments
    5. Personalizing your email
    6. Email Content Analysis
    7. Campaign Preview
  • Email Templates
    1. Managing Tags
    2. Sub-Client Accounts
  • Statistical Data Analysis
    1. List Statistics
    2. Campaign Statistics
  • Auto Responders

    Auto-responders play an important role in Email Marketing. You can send emails or updates to your subscribers automatically without the need to login to the system. You can use autoresponders to send a welcome or happy birthday email for instance or set up the system to send an email when someone clicks on a particular link or forwards your email or newsletter.

    autoresponders 1

  • You should see the auto responder browser - which will list any existing auto responders set up on the system and also allow you to create new ones.
  • autoresponders 2

    This will take you to the auto responder creation screen where you can define the auto responder name, trigger event and the schedule to send the auto responder. You will also need to create the auto responder email which will be sent to the subscriber.

    autoresponders 3

    Create New Auto Responder

    Name of your auto responder
    Triggers on
    Select the event that will trigger the Auto Responder. There are five triggers available:

    If this trigger is selected then when the subscription trigger happens [a subscriber subscribes] the auto response message will be sent. This means the auto response message will be sent to new subscribers for that particular list.

    Link click
    If this trigger is selected then in the event an existing subscriber of the list clicks on a link contained in the email message body this will result in the defined auto response message being sent to the subscriber.

    Campaign Open
    This trigger will fire an auto responder when the subscriber opens the campaign email.

    Forward to friend
    This trigger will fire an auto responder when the subscriber clicks on the forward to friend link and actually forwards the email to someone

    Date Information
    This type of trigger will only work based on the date fields, such as subscription date, birth date etc.
    You can set the auto responder to be sent based on a specified time frame.

    (1) Immediately
    (2) Seconds later
    (3) Minutes later
    (4) Hours later
    (5) Days later
    (6) Weeks later
    (7) Months later

    autoresponders 4

    Method to create auto responder email

    From Scratch
    This method will allow you to use your own custom html code for creating auto responder email
    Template Gallery

    The system has several pre-configured templates available - you can select the pre-built template to be used as your auto responder.

    You can select this method if you wish to use the built in templates for your auto responders.

    Fetch URL
    This can be used to fetch the auto responder content from a third party website or your own website.

    For this example we will use the first method "From scratch".

    autoresponders 5

    Step 1 Sender Information [Settings]

    Your subscribers will see this name when they receive your auto responder.
    Email Address
    Your subscribers will see this email address when they receive your auto responder.
    Reply to Information
    By default this option is checked - if you wish to have the different reply to information you can un check this option and add the new reply to information to your auto responder.

    autoresponders 6

    Step 2 - Content

    Embed images to email content
    If this option is checked every image within your content will be embedded to your email content, although this may not be a good idea for email campaigns which can have a large number of emails.
    Content Type
    Select the preferred content type whether you wish to send an HTML or text based email.
    Campaign Content
    Campaign content has 3 major elements - subject, actual email content and the attachments. You can add your preferred subject link for your auto responder and also can add attachments along with the email content.

    Once all the above options are populated hit the "Next" button to proceed to the preview stage.

    You can use the preview screen to test your auto responder design by sending a preview email or viewing it online with your browser.

    When you are satisfied with the preview email click on the "Next" button and save your auto-responder.

    autoresponders 7


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